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Mobile Website Profits – Brand New Product! The First Product On Cb!

No Comments 03 October 2010

Mobile Website Profits – Brand New Product! The First Product On Cb!
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Mobile Website Profits – Brand New Product! The First Product On Cb!

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AffiliateCrew Announces Launch of Its Mobility Scooters Direct Website

No Comments 23 September 2010

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) October 16, 2006

AffiliateCrew, a Salt Lake City based website marketing company, announces the launch of its new Mobility-Scooters-Direct.com website. The website provides answers to common questions about mobility scooters, electric scooters and powerchairs.

A mobility scooter – often times called an electric scooter or powerchair – is a battery powered device that allows individuals who are injured or disabled to become mobile over short to medium range distances without the assistance of another person.

Mobility-Scooters-Direct.com is an online educational resource for individuals who are looking for mobility scooters, electric scooters, and powerchairs and want to evaluate their options and read comparisons, reviews, safety tips and more.

Because mobility scooters can be expensive, the website provides options on how qualifying visitors can acquire little to no cost powerchairs through their health insurance providers.

The Mobility-Scooters-Direct.com website will be regularly updated with new features and informative content. For more information, visit Mobility-Scooters-Direct.com.


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New Website About Wheelchair Vans Helps Wheelchair Users Become More Savvy When Dealing with Van Dealerships

No Comments 01 September 2010

Houston, TX (PRWEB) October 26, 2006

LetÂÂ’s face it. Buying a car is a tricky task for most people. Hidden fees, haggling, and getting a lemon are a part of life when it comes to buying a new car. WeÂÂ’ve all seen the TV documentaries revealing the games slick salesmen try to pull on unsuspecting shoppers. Wheelchair users can also be victims of these schemes.

Until now, there were no free online sources available that gave wheelchair users access to critical information that can make them savvy shoppers able to deal with unscrupulous wheelchair van dealerships. Enter www.Free-Wheelchair-Van-Buyers-Guide.com/articles.html. It is the brainchild of Allen Wicker. This is a free online resource that offers insider tips, insights and information to the wheelchair user. Information the wheelchair user can use to his or her advantage when it comes to buying a wheelchair van.

For someone confined to a wheelchair, the whole task of buying and maintaining a wheelchair van can be tricky in of itself. ThatÂÂ’s because wheelchair vans can be outrageously expensive. Sometimes insurance will pay for the purchase of one, sometimes not according to some experts. More still, depending upon oneÂÂ’s budget, it has to be decided whether an investment in a used wheelchair van would be better than outright buying a new wheelchair van. These are big decisions indeed.

To top this off, if one already has a van, they might even look into the option of doing whatÂÂ’s called a “wheelchair van conversion.” Which is the task of taking a van and literally changing the body structure, including distance of the driverÂÂ’s seat from the steering wheel, walk room, floor to ceiling distance and more. This task also involves adding on whatÂÂ’s called a “wheelchair lift” which is a device that opens up from the side of the van and helps the wheelchair user into the van.

All sorts of models, versions and styles are available. Thus making the whole ordeal of buying a wheelchair van or simply converting a van into a wheelchair van — a serious endeavor not to be taken lightly. The new website, www.Free-Wheelchair-Van-Buyers-Guide.com/articles.html, might just be the answer many wheelchair users are looking for. This site is continually growing and increasing in popularity, worthy of book marking to your favorites folder.

CONTACT: Allen Wicker 281-384-4132

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